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lets fly, lets fly away.

I have itchy feet again. Ever since I went to England and Europe for the first time, I can't get enough of travelling. There is so much world to see, and somehow I want to eventually see it all.

And I like to have a purpose behind my travel, beyond being just a tourist for a few days. I loved being able to live in England for while. Even though I don't have the luxury of that much time to spare anymore, I'm going for as long as I can.

This time it's to learn Spanish. I have started learning already, and bit by bit I'm picking things up. I'm teaching myself, though, from a book and a computer program, so it's hard to practise conversations with myself. So I thought it would be good to go and learn Spanish in a Spanish speaking country. After researching and weighing up the options, I've decided on Mexico! Playa del Carmen to be exact, which is on the coast on the Yucatan Peninsula, not far from Cancun.

Sunshine, seaside, snorkelling, salsa and Spanish!

Orginally I was just going to fly straight in and out of there, but it actually worked out cheaper for me to book two separate flights - the first return flights to Los Angeles, and the second return flights from Los Angeles to Cancun. So I will also being staying in LA for a few days at the start and a few days at the end. So that will be Hollywood, celebrity spotting (I really want to see one :p), Univeral studios, maybe even Disneyland. It will be amazing to see the places in real life that you see so much on TV.

So that is what I'm doing on this trip. I keeping fancying ways I could see more of the US while I'm there but not really having the time or the money I have to restrain myself. Especially since Matt, not really having the inclination to learn Spanish or having come down with the travel bug quite as severely as me, still encourages me to go off on my little adventures and spend our money :s So I am enternally grateful to him for letting me have my wings.

So I hope you'll come along with me on this trip, like some of you have on trips before - come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away...

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